Margot Adler was a great public radio reporter and dear friend of both Science Friday and Ira Flatow. We send our condolences to her family. She will be missed.

I’m so sorry to hear this. Another reason to defiantly, if rudely, proclaim, “Fuck cancer.” I never did read all of Drawing Down the Moon, her study of neopaganism, and really should do so in her honor — only 20 years late! ISTR having read her memoir, Heretic’s Heart, however, so at least I managed that.


I have never related to anything so hard omg


"Private justice, eh?"

The Enemy of the World - season 05 - 1968

Babylon 5 Feature Film in the Works: Let’s discuss.


These are my initial thoughts and are subject to change as more news of this project emerges:

When JMS said he had a B5 announcement I was hoping for at least news that the show was coming back to Netflix or Prime or something along those lines, and at most that it was being released on Blu Ray with new effects etc.

When I heard that he was writing a screenplay and was making a movie with or without Warner Bros. I was immediately overjoyed, because fuck you Warner Bros.

However as I’ve been thinking about it I’m not sure I’m as stoked as I was initially. 

I think it comes down to this; at this point I’d really just like to see a B5 reboot movie that leads into a new show.  I think that would be best.  With so many members of the original cast no longer with us, and so much time passed since the original show a reboot would be a great way to get B5 back while introducing it to a new audience.  Don’t get me wrong I would be all for members of the original cast coming back and playing new roles etc.  Bruce Boxleitner as General Hague.  Peter Jurasik as Emperor Turhan.

(and for the record I would be 200% fine with a movie continuing/finishing off Crusade but I’m about 400% sure that isn’t what we’re going to get from this movie.)

I don’t know, something like that. 

I hate to be a pessimist about this whole thing, and really I’m not because we don’t even know anything about it yet so it’s all just speculation right now.  These are simply my small, personal, insignificant thoughts on the subject.

What do you fine folks think?  And what would you like to see out of this freshly announced Babylon 5 movie project??

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I’m not squeeing joyfully about this news. What happened to JMS saying he’d told the B5 story that he’d wanted told, as best he could, considering the numerous circumstances? Why is he thinking of doing new B5 after Andreas Katsulas and Richard Biggs have died? To me, no Katsulas is a deal-breaker right there. Another deal-breaker is that, though I loved B5, JMS then did Crusade and Legend of the Rangers; I don’t especially want anything else done in the B5 universe when the creator and showrunner himself can’t get it right. And there I go, being no fun at all…


Oh Petey C, I love you already.

For those like me who can neither afford nor be arsed to leave their house on a Sunday morn to buy a copy of the Times, my good friend Blogtor Who has been kind enough to summarise the interview here. PLENTY of food for thought. Opinions?


China Beach - Pilot (1x00)

"How’d you get to be such a kid?"


Do you ever just spontaneously sob because Laura Roslin and William Adama loved each other so much

Well, no, not that so much as I just embarrassingly spent hours watching Adama/Roslin vids on YouTube again, months after saying I was over and done with Galactica fandom. Go figure… (I was just testing that I could use YT on my phone, despite lack of Flash. Yeah, that’s it.)






Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you
Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….
Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”


Question: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you

Peter/Sylvester: *mumbling* oh i dont know….

Audience member: “A GRANDDAUGHTER”